You have questions? We have answers.

We hope these questions and answers have helped you with some of the concerns you may have but if you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Does my pet need to go into quarantine in my country before coming to New Zealand?

No your pets will not need to go into quarantine before coming to NZ.

How long will my petneed to stay in quarantine?

Quarantine is a minimum 10 days.

Provided that all your pet's testing, treatments and paperwork is compliant with MPI requirements, they will be released on the 10th day provided that it falls between Monday to Friday.

MPI Vet Inspectors do not work over the weekend, so if the 10th day of quarantine falls on a Saturday or Sunday, your pets will need to stay in quarantine until Monday for release.

Can I inspect your quarantine facility before I make a booking for my pets?

Due to new visiting regulations, you will not be allowed to inspect our facilities prior to making a booking.

You are more than welcome to pop in and talk to our friendly staff about your pet's relocation to NZ!

If I want to bring my pet to NZ what must I do first?

We recommend checking that the country you are planning on exporting your pets from is an MPI approved country. You can check this by looking at pages 5 & 6 of the MPI Guidance Document for Cats and Dogs.

If you have found the country of export on the approved lists, we recommend reading the MPI Import Health Standard to see the requirements for importing your pet.

It is recommended to find yourself a pet shipping company in the country of export to assist with flight bookings, official veterinary appointments, testing, treatments, paperwork etc! Need help finding one? We are happy to recommend agents we work with regularly.

You will need to reserve space in quarantine for your pets once you have a date of arrival (or approximate date of arrival).

If you have any questions at any point, we are happy to help!

What do I do about clearing Customs?

Customs clearance is one of the services that we provide.

We can clear customs if owners meet NZ Customs Concession Requirements:

  • NZ Residents returning home after being away for more than 21 months
  • NZ Residents who left NZ with their pets and are returning home
  • Owner holds a Work Visa that is valid for 12 months or longer

GST and Duty will be payable on your pets' arrival, if:

  • NZ Residents returning home after being away for less than 21 months
  • Purchased pets from an overseas breeder
  • Owner holds a Student Visa or Visitors Visa or Work Visa valid for less than 12 months

Is there anything I can do to help make the flight more comfortable and less stressful for my pets?

Yes, there are a few things you can do to help your pet's flight to be more comfortable and less stressful.

First, you can purchase the airline approved travel crate from your pet transporter well in advance, and put it in your house so your pet can get used to it being around. You can put some bedding inside and slowly encourage your pet to go inside just for a few minutes, then gradually build up their time in the crate and eventually you can feed them inside the crate. This will make your pet feel confident and comfortable.

Also, if possible, introduce your pet to strange noises and surroundings so when it comes to flight time, they will not feel so stressed when they are at the airport around loud noises.

You can pop something inside the crate that smells like owners i.e. old shirt or blanket. Just note, that anything that comes inside the crate will be destroyed on arrival, so try not to put anything too sentimental inside.

My pet will have bedding in the crate when they leave their home country. Can they have this bedding in quarantine?

No, unfortunately all bedding/items that come in the crate with them in NZ must be incinerated upon arrival. So please use old bedding for the travel and do not leave sentimental items in the crate.

My pet may arrive into NZ late at night, during a weekend or on a public holiday, so who will pick up my cat(s)/dog(s) from the airport?

Not to worry! We collect animals from the airport 24/7. If your pet's flight comes in at midnight, we will be down there to pick them up and welcome them to NZ.

We also pick up from the airport on public holidays, please note that there will be additional charges for this service.

Can I pick up my cat(s)/dog(s) from the airport upon arrival?

No, unfortunately we are the only ones who can collect your pets from the airport.

How will my cat(s)/dog(s) cope being in quarantine?

Most cats and dogs do remarkably well during their quarantine period. They soon settle into our daily routine with the help of our experienced staff who check on them and give them reassuring ‘pats’ and ‘cuddles’ as needed

Can my dog(s) interact with other dogs?

No, your dogs are in quarantine due to NZ bio-security laws and are confined to their kennels for the duration of their stays. In saying this, they cannot leave their kennels so cannot be walked during their stay.

My dog is coming from a warm climate to NZ winter. Is there heating in the kennels:

During the winter, we had heaters blowing through our kennels and in the cattery, each cat has an electric blanket that they can snuggle into.

Will my dog(s) be in a small kennel throughout the quarantine period?

The kennels and runs are a good size for all breeds of dogs. They consist of two rooms – one room (the kennel) has their bed, food and water and the other room (the run) is for exercise and toilet. Single kennel size is 1.5 metres x 2 metres and the run is 1.5 metres x 4 metres. Double kennel size is 1.9 metres x 2 metres and the run is 1.9 metres x 4 metres

Will my cat(s) be in a small cage throughout the quarantine period?

Each cat unit is 1 metre wide x 2 metres long x 2 metres high. There are also double size units available for families of cats. The units are two levels – (upstairs and downstairs) – upstairs has a bed, food and water. The downstairs is the play area and has the litter box, scratching post, and some furniture. Cats can see each other if they wish, but for privacy they can go upstairs into their beds where they will feel safe and secure. Electric blankets will be provided if necessary.

What if my cat(s)/dog(s) are on special food and/or medication?

Special food is not a problem, you will need to arrange with us regarding acquiring the food and onward charging or providing the food yourself. We do have refrigerators and a freezer for storage.

What happens if my cat(s)/dog(s) become ill during the quarantine period?

It is very important that we have contact details for the owner or guardian at all times, so we can make contact if a problem arises. Our staff do regular daily checks on every cat and dog in our care to ensure their well being. If a cat and/or dog are found to be ill, we will try to contact the owner or guardian first to discuss the problem, and call the Vet. if necessary. In case of a medical emergency, the Vet will be contacted immediately and the owner will be informed as soon as a staff member can get hold of them. Due to animal welfare, we will never wait for permission in the case of an emergency as this may slow down the treatment needed, but we will always keep the owner informed about what is happening with their beloved cat/dog

Can my cat(s)/dog(s) stay together in quarantine?

All our cats must stay in the cattery and our dogs in the kennels. If you have more than one dog, they can stay in the room and if you have more than one cat, they can stay in the same unit. We cannot have your cat stay with your dog.

What happens if my bitch is pregnant when she arrives into your quarantine facility?

We have previously cared for and whelped pregbant bitches in quarantine and will gladly discuss any concerns you may have. We also received a Certificate of Appreciation from the NZ Police Dog Training Centre for our professional care with whelping one of their imported bitches.

My cat(s)/dog(s) will need to be groomed while in quarantine. Can you do this, or will you allow me to do it?

No, you will need to wait until your pets have been released.

Can I visit my cat(s)/dog(s) during the quarantine period?

You are more than welcome to come in and visit. But you will need to bear in mind, that your pet has traveled a long way and will need to settle in before visiting, as this could be too overwhelming for your pets. We will let you know whether we feel if it is detrimental to your pets well being if you come in and visit. Our visiting hours are 11:30 am to 1:30 pm, 7 days a week. Please come between these hours as we will not be accepting visitors after 1:30 pm.

Can I bring toys, bedding and treats for my cat(s)/dog(s)?

Yes you can, but all bedding and toys must be new with tags attached. Then shall be incinerated at the end of Quarantine.

At the end of quarantine, can I just take my cat(s)/dog(s) home?

At the end of quarantine, MPI will issue a biosecurity release document so your cat(s)/dog(s) can go home to you. Under no circumstances can cats and dogs go home without this biosecurity clearance from MPI.

I am not sure if I can pick my cat(s)/dog(s) up after quarantine. Can you deliver my cat(s)/dog(s) to me?

Yes, you must arrange with us whether you would like your pets to be delivered to you at least 3 days prior. We also accommodate cats and dogs after their quarantine stay in our domestic facilities. Again, this will need to be arranged prior.

What food do you feed?

For our bigger dogs, we feed Royal Canin Sensible and Butch Chicken dogroll or Royal Canin small bites and a selection of wet foods for our smaller dogs. For our cats, we feed Royal Canin Fit and a selection of wet food.

What if my cat/dog has a medical condition i.e. diabetes?

You will need to send us the full medical history of the animal and the medication that is to be administered. We will assess whether we are able to facilitate your animal our facilities. It is done on a case by case basis.

Can you fly my dog/cat to other parts of NZ?

Yes, most the time we are able to fly your pets to you. If your dog is extra large, we might not be able to fly it down on a domestic flight as it might not fit in the cargo area.