The homeliest cattery in Auckland

We provide a safe environment for all our furry friends needing a 'happy holiday home' away from home. Our Auckland cattery is available for short or extended stays.

Cats are like tigers, they like to see other cats, but do not mix well with them. Our units are designed to give your cat(s) their own private space, where they can feel secure in a appy relaxing atmosphere.

Our Auckland cattery

Our cattery has 16 units and some units can house a family of three adult cats at one time. Each unit has clear Perspex sheeting around the walls to let in good natural sunlight, as well as clear Perspex sheets between each unit. This helps each cat to see their friends next door, but prevents any 'feline fur flying fights'.

Your cat’s cosy space

Clean, soft bedding is provided in each unit. To make it their special space, you have the option to bring a small item of clothing so they have a familiar smell from home, along with a few toys for playtime, so the space feels like it is their own.

Our staff value our furry felines and give them plenty of friendly pats and regularly check to see that they have water and nibbles.

Your cat will 'purr with pleasure’ when they stay in our happy and safe holiday home.

We encourage you to come and inspect our facility before you make a booking. Please note that we are also a MPI approved New Zealand animal quarantine facility, therefore, we will need to see some photo identification before we can take you through.

Our inspection times are between the hours of 11:30am and 13:30pm daily, except Sundays, New Zealand school holidays and all Auckland public holidays.

Cattery Requirements

To stay in our cattery, all cats must be up to date with their annual vaccinations (valid within one year), and you must bring along their vaccination card.

Vaccinations we require are:

  • Rhinotracheitis
  • Calicivirus